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SarinaMeet Sarina Newstead

I am passionate about sharing healthy eating and lifestyle with people. There are so many diets and trends on the market that can cause unhealthy confusion! There are those who swear by a vegan diet, others support raw food and another group suggest eating a cave man style diet. Then you have the debate over gluten, wheat and dairy, not to mention which foods should be eaten with which combination. And these are just a few out of 100’s of diets. Mixed into all this are the traditions such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. None are wrong and all have merits. But what is most important is finding something that is sustainable and fits your lifestyle.

You can spend many hours navigating grocery aisles, running between stores, to find that one thing that you are allowed to eat on your diet. It becomes a real chore and extremely stressful, just trying to find something to make for dinner. Preparing food and eating should be an enjoyable and creative experience, nurturing you and bringing the family together. I know from my own experiences that it can be far from this when you get caught up in different trends of eating. It really doesn’t need to be this way and I will help lead you down a path that will create a far more enjoyable experience by eating whole foods that are not found in packets with names you can’t pronounce.

My belief is eating in moderation and not being radical about anything. Who doesn’t enjoy a yummy piece of chocolate cake, juicy steak or a glass of wine? Eating healthy does not automatically mean you have to become a vegetarian and give up all the things you enjoy that make life worth living for you. What you learn to adopt is healthy eating habits by learning to crowd into your diet the fresh whole foods and crowd out the prepackaged processed foods.

Food is one part of the jigsaw to creating health; the other is the nutrition that doesn’t come from our plate on the table, but instead from what we surround ourselves with and how we nurture ourselves. When both of these are balanced, then we experience great health and happiness.

I have seen so many people who want to shed some weight, however they also end up transforming their lives beyond the weight loss. They lose the stress that was attached to the weight by gaining a new direction in their lives and go on to create a wonderful transformation.

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