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Prudy Greve is our Muscle Activation Therapy Practitioner and Personal Trainer.

Muscle Activation Techniques (TM)

Overview of neuromuscular system:
As we age various forms of physical, emotional and environmental stresses and traumas placed on our bodies may negatively impact the communication between the nervous system and the muscular system. The accumulation of these stresses and traumas takes its toll on the ability of the muscular system to contract efficiently. Progression can increase our susceptibility to pain, injury and/or degenerative issues that we relate to the normal aging process. The end result is a decreased ability for the muscles to handle the physical stresses that comes with everyday activity/living, exercise and physical or mental performance.

The central nervous system regulates the threshold for how much physical stress muscles can handle. When this threshold level has been exceeded, as part of the body's protective mechanism, the nervous system decreases the contractile ability of the stressed muscle. At the same time the nervous system will create a protective hyper-contraction of the opposing muscles. The result of this altered neural input to the msucle, on both sides of the acis, is demonstrated by reduced contractile capabilities of the stressed (agonist) muscle and an associated protective hyper-contractile of the antagonistix muscles. The neurological adaptation is represented by a lack mobility or Range of Motion (ROM).

What is Muscle Activation Techniques MATTM ?

MATTM has ONE primary goal: Resorting MUSCULAR CONTRACTILE CAPABILITIES. MATTM restores the muscle's ability to contract optimally, therefore muscles gain the ability to tolerate a higher level of diverse forces placed upon the body for everyday activity/living, exercise and physical or mental performance. It is a specific, non-medical process designed to identify and address the altered communication pathways between the neuromuscular systems.

How does MATTM accomplish this?

The premise behind MATTM : If stability is provided for the joints, then the body will give you mobility. This leads to the thought process of Muscle Activation Therapy : "Muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness".

Through the principles of MATTM, we recognize that whenever we see a limitation in Range of Motion (ROM, it is an indicator that one or more of the muscles on the opposite side of the axis has lost its ability to contract efficiently. Limitations in ROM are indicators of coinciding muscle weakness. Therefore, finding these limitations is the beginning of the process.

Secondly, the primary tool used in the Muscle Activation Therapy assessment is a muscle specific, join ROM exam to identify these limitations. A specific testing process is utilized to assess the contractibility of each muscle associated with the limitation in the ROM.

When identification has been made of the one or more muscles with the inability to contract optimally and associated with the limitation in the ROM, the practitioner can begin the process of improving the contractibiliy of each muscle and its tolerance to force.

The Muscle Activation Therapy practitioner has two options:

1. Activate the muscle through a specific palpation technique designed to stimulate the sensory receptors in the muscle, which in turn, improves sensory feedback to the Central Nervous System (CNS).

2. Activate through specific positional isometric contractions designed to improve motor output to the muscles.

Finally, each muscle associated with the limited ROM is re-tested to confirm improvement in its ability to contract optimally has been made.

If you would like to learn more of Muscle Activation Therapy Techniques, go to or contact Prudy and schedule a complimentary one hour visit.

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